Looking to 2022

There’s no need to explain why walking another Camino has been postponed. Everyone who has been wanting to go (or go back) will have faced challenges of global proportions. There is no interest to cast aspersions upon any one who has walked since the pandemic broke but I have been dealing with an internal conflict. On one hand I really want to go back to France, Spain, or Portugal but on the other hand the risk of infection is not insignificant. Of course I am not talking about catching something while walking, but the flights, shared accommodations, and potential close proximity dining do pose a credible threat.

As much as I want to return the possibility I could spread the virus is worth considering. In the final analysis I decided the best decision was to simply stay away for the time being. This is a natural virus and it will disappear some day. Life will return to normal at some point, but that day isn’t now.

So when will the risks be at a more acceptable level? of course this is a guess but maybe May 2022. I’m keeping this date in my mind and watching.

I’ll let you know.