A Lot of Pictures

Hello All;

I have finally edited, well, not really edited as much as removed the really bad stuff. At this point there are about 1900 pictures available. If you would like to see these pictures please send me an email along with your email address and I will set up the permissions for you to see them.

My email address is:   cam1952@hotmail.com

Thank you once again from our entire Camino Family.

Our Camino Family in Santiago

Our Camino Family in Santiago

As Always…..Cam’.

3 thoughts on “A Lot of Pictures

  1. Hey Cam! I would really like to be linked to pictures from your Camino trip. I am very impressed and will plan my own adventure in the future. You have inspired me.

  2. Hi Cam. I am 99.9% sure I am doing the Camino. I am looking at April/May 2016. Would like to view your pictures and meet up with you over a beer and chat.
    There is a Toronto based Pilgrim group that is hosting a meeting for new pilgrims and returning ones to share experiences and networking future walks. Raffles and selling used equipment and proceeds go to supporting the Camino albergues.

    $15 morning and afternoon . Starts at 09:30 am
    140 Wineva north of Queen.
    Beach United Church
    I’m considering attending.

    • Hey Doug….Way to go. (pun intended) Once this bug gets into you it becomes a calling and you have to do it. I haven’t been to the Toronto chapter meetings but I am told they are really worth while. There’s a lot of good information to be had.
      In terms of sitting down ….absolutely. I am away until Oct. 19th so it will have to be after that.
      ….and I will send you the link for the pictures tonight.
      Be well and for sure you should do it.
      As Always…..Cam’.

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