En Route

The plan is simple…..

1) arrive in time for the flight from Toronto to Paris. Done.

2) actually get on plane, arrive safely in Paris, and take the “new bus” to the Eiffel Tower. Done. (On the flight I sat beside a delightful couple from Aldershot, ON. Dave and Sherri, on their way to visit their daughter in Paris)

3) walk to Pauline and Frank’s place to spend the afternoon and evening with them. Done. (I will explain later who Pauline and Frank are….)

4) confirm pickup at Biarritz airport on Sunday morning for transport to St. Jean Pied de Port…..the starting point of my Camino.

Insert sound of train wreck right here.

Just when you think after two emails you would have thought the transport from Biarritz Airport to St. Jean Pied de Port was a done deal. But it wasn’t. My flight from Paris, Orly arrives at the airport in Biarritz tomorrow morning at 8:30am, but the earliest the transport can pick me up is 12:15. Math may not be my major, but this is basically a delay of about 4 hours.

My original plan was to arrive at the airport, be taken to SJPdP, visit the Pigrim Office, and start walking by 11 am. It now appears I will start walking 2 in the afternoon…..I have a reservation at the mid-way point over the Pyrenees at a place called Orisson. This is extremely quick to fill up with reservations, so if I miss arriving on time, I will be faced with a tough situation.

Time to investigate plan B. There are other ways of getting from point A to B and you should expect to pay “you can’t get there from here” to 150 Euros for a cab.

Insert big gulp right here.

Back to plan A.

I’ve decided to be patient until they can pick me up at the Airport. There may be some things to see in the area, like the Aquarium Biarritz. As they open at 9:30 am this might just be a nice diversion I would have otherwise missed.

Back to my visit with Pauline and Frank….just one word. Consumate hosts. (Can you tell I’m not a math major?)  I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Frank has a private medical practice in Paris, and by all accounts is the most caring and compassionate doctor anyone could want. If you know Frank you immediately know this to be true.

Pauline and I came to know each other when we were at the Ontario College of Art….let’s just say several years ago. Since then we have stayed loosely in touch. As it turns out I became quite good friends with her brother Henry…..odd how these things happen.

Anyway, Pauline has made a name for herself as an international artist. Recently I have started helping with som of her lighted paintings. These are stunning works, and they change based on the light level behind the painting. You can see some examples of her work at:


Later in the day Frank and I went to Pauline’s studio to see some of her recent works, and once again, Pauline has produced some astounding pieces. I am hoping she has another commission in my part of the world so I can help with the installation.

We then went to an Italian restaurant run by a Sicilian Family and enjoyed a couple of hours of wonderful food, conversation, and friendship.

Now, to get some sleep as my Uber will be here in about 5 hours.