Day 22 – Setting the stage to Santiago

The dawn of a new day, and another family member is down.
Susan was hit very early this morning, and of course insisted she would be fine with a little rest. We are concerned she is just a bit too stalwart. You can never tell with this superwoman type. We hope she feels better soon and can catch up with us in a day or so.
Kate and Tom were waiting for Pete and Patrick to arrive in León, only to find Patrick had come down with the same bug his brother is still recovering from. A double whammy for this lovely family. (Number 8….. It’s getting hard to keep count)
Bene, Eddie and I made our way to the bus station and despite my pathetic Spanish we managed to get on the correct bus to Astorga. Some of the passengers were pilgrims as well wanting to get out of León without having to walk through the endless suburbs.
Note to self: Remember to thank Ebbe and Jytte for their advice to skip this portion of the walk. Quite honestly the best description I can think of describing the scenery is “endlessly dismal”.
When we arrive in this small community it takes a while to get our bearings, but finally we find the municipal Albergue. Check in, have a luke-warm shower and head out for a bit of an exploration. This town appears to have an affinity for chocolate. There is a chocolate museum, and although I am just guessing, it seems there are at least 40 chocolate shops is Astorga.
This is also the site of a Gaudi church, oddly built beside the town’s Cathedral. Hmmmm, apparently you can never have enough churches in a Spanish town.
Tomorrow we will start into the mountains and the forecast is for sub zero temperatures when we start the day at 6:30am. Time to break out everything warm and find a way of putting it on. For sure we will need to start stripping layers as the sun rises……
Mark and Zeb are just getting into León today and are planning to take some time off. It is unlikely we will see them again on the Camino but we wish them well and a safe trip home.
Benita is heading to Saria, and it seems there is a chance we will catch up with her, depending on her progress.

I would like to say a special thanks to everyone sending us emails and leaving comments on the blog. Your encouragement and well wishes mean a great deal to us all. Some of the emails/comments are coming from fellow pilgrims who have had to return home before us. (Sabine, Will, & Jude…) Others like my Mother, Sister, family, and friends…… I so appreciate hearing from you. I try to respond to everyone, but if I miss replying, please excuse my mistake.
Tomorrow is soon to come. And so I must sleep………

4 thoughts on “Day 22 – Setting the stage to Santiago

  1. Monitoring your progress, and the Family’s well being from here in Sarria. My care package from the States, with medicine, was returned to shipper,,don’t know why. I’m staying here to Monday, trying to Dr myself up, for the last leg. DETERMINED to finish, no matter what! That should make us even closer to walking together again before out times to return home. You take care, tell everyone hello,,and know, I’m thinking about you all,,,Hugs,Benita

    • Hi Benita;
      What a rotten thing to have happen. Was Canada Post involved with this shipment???
      You have everything needed inside you to succeed in your Camino. Your resolve is power enough.
      Write a lot if you want to. We support as do all the Pilgrims you have met. Whatever it takes.
      Be strong and succeed.
      All our love.
      As Always…… Cam’.

  2. Yo Ho Ho Bro and everyone else! I figure if you have all made it this far, there isn’t anything that can stop this pilgrimage machine from here on in …. You can take turns carrying each other if you have to 🙂
    It appears that you have strength coming at you from all corners of the world and we are walking with you each step of the way….however we probably do not smell as bad as you you….. Insert happy face here!
    You have made the turn, now bring it on home to the finish.

    • Hi Nance….
      Legs felt good today through the highest peak on the Camino. It‘s all downhill from here……exception the enormous mountain in a couple of days….Sheeesh! It’s all good and we are all committed to Santiago.
      Love ya’ and thanks for staying interested.
      As Always…… The Spanish Bro’

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