Day 10 – A big one

Our Albergue in Lagrono was one of the nicest we have stayed in to date. A rather small, private, and spotless facility with 32 bunks. The proprietor is a young fellow very eager to please. Highly recommended.
We started out at 6:30 in the morning, of course still very much in the dark of night. As we moved about the city you could hear various trades hard at work. Garbage collection, bread and general deliveries were all happening at this time of day. Little else was moving…..except for Pilgrims through a tangle of streets.
The day was starting out cool, and rain was in the forecast once again. As the city transitioned into country side, and we came across what appeared to be the reservoir for Logrono, and a small cafeteria. As we had not had breakfast in Logrono this was an appropriate location to stop for small bite. After a short stop-over we pressed on, but now the rain was beginning to fall. Thankfully the rain didn’t really take hold, and before long we were ditching and stowing our rain gear.
Along the road we came across a pilgrim who appears to have completed his Camino 30 years ago. He is sitting in a “nativity like” shed and has a large, folded portrait himself in long flowing robes walking on the trail…..very authentic looking, to be sure. We stopped and made a donation for which we received fruit and a photo opp with the ” grand wizard”. (think long flowing beard and disheveled appearance)

After leaving his little pavilion I lead Susan and Bene making a wrong turn and walked about a kilometre where we discovered we had made mistake. I had stopped thinking and hadn’t seen an arrow….but kept walking on what appeared to be the logical way. Susan and Bene confirmed their angel like personalities by taking this error in stride. (oh yeah……another bad pun) Turn around, walk back to the old man’s display, and continue on up the small mountain. Fully 2 kilometres added the day. After our correction, and after a kilometre in the right direction Bene suddenly recognises her walking stick is not in her hand……it was left with the old man. And there it would stay. I offered to go back but Bene refused.
We pressed through beautiful vinyards and mountains on all sides. A spectacular day after the rain left the area. The temperature was holding around 23, the clouds cut the sun’s intensity nicely. Very comfortable.
I am failing to mention one critical bit of information. (possibly for dramatic effect) Our trail today is 30 kilometres ending in Najerá.
By the time we reach Ventosa, 20 kilometres into the day Susan has decided to take a taxi to our destination and try and get beds in advance of our arrival.
Bene forges ahead with me in tow at 1:30pm. Up and over a ridge, and then another, to a long slow downhill slope. We were power walking so as to get in town soon enough to get a bed. We had been told if you do not arrive before 4pm reserved beds can be given away.
Finally we rolled into town at 3:30 to find Susan waiting at a small bistro. She had been trying to find beds and everything was taken in this small town except for the Municipal Albergue, or a small Hostel. We walked over to the Albergue and I decided this was a really very, very last class accommodation. Perfect bedbug territory.
We immediately headed over to the Hostel. A more expensive solution at 20 Euros……but I feel certain this is not infested. Good luck Pilgrims over at the Albergue……… wouldn’t wan’t to be you.
With a 30k day under our belt, I have to say we feel ready to take on the next Camino challenge. Whatever this may be…….

1 thought on “Day 10 – A big one

  1. Hulloh Brothah!! Love those pics…keep ’em coming when you can ! Saw Dad and Sharon over the w/e. We had a great time talking about your trip and I gave them a Camino stage by stage print- out for them to follow inclusive of elevation, mileage, and aubergue loactions for each stage because it makes us feel even more connected to your journey. Tomas was with us and we had some good laughs around the dinner table. And as the poem ends…”…don’t let the bedbugs bite!!” And don’t bring any of those critters home either!! Happy Trails! Luv ya!

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