Day 11 Lost

Day 11

June 9, 2019

First and foremost I want to give an update on a very important person. Susan from my 2013 is walking in England just now. To say this walk is impressive is to understate the enormous undertaking she had committed to. It is one thing t talk about a walk like this….and quite another to actually do it. I am in awe of Susan’s determination and commitment to this.

Then Susan sends pictures……Holy Mud!….she is really up there. The altitudes required to achieve are not for the faint of heart. Susan is doing some serious climbs….makes me feel like such a poser.

I want to wish Susan well….and I hope we can met in the near future. She is really a dear friend.

So, now back to the main story.

My day began like a typical day on the Camino. Get up, brush your teeth, and pack up the last things….and head out the door. This is pretty much how every day starts. Except for one little point.

Mr Wrong Way….Yup….

I started the day by walking out of town on the road right in front of the hotel….Somehow I had it in my mind I was walking the correct direction and didn’t bother to look at a map or my phone…..I knew I wasn’t directly on the Camino….but thought the Camino crossed this road. After about 30 minutes I decided to have a look….and the Camino was no where to be found. I had walked completely the wrong way. That would be 2km error x 2 as I had to retrace my steps.

Walking back to town was a bit of well deserved serving of humility and humiliation…. Everyone looks at you, most likely saying “Where is this guy coming from?”  Add embarrassment here.

I finally was on the Camino and was following two guys ahead. My mind was on a very different topic and not on the Camino. This happens a lot to me.

At the time I was thinking Helium, and Hydrogen are not immune to gravity, although it what appear they are bring lighter than air. Ultimately if a helium ballon pops the helium will rise until the atmosphere will no longer support the differential between the specific gravities. By this conclusion there should be. Layer of Helium in the upper atmosphere and a layer f Hydrogen. Of course i have completely discounted any chemical interaction like oxidization. 

Is there a business case to harvest thee layers of gases. In the case of Helium….this is a finite substance……Mental wanderings, I know….. I’ve lived with this all my life.

The day was thankfully spend walking on much more natural trails…much easier on the feet. In fact today my feet were relatively pain free…..finally.

I was walking solo today and my playlist started with The Blues Brothers Greatest Hits, followed by The Messiah by Georges Fredrik Handel. I then went bake to Blues Greats and BB King. The music was great.

Remind me I want to got to Chicago to hang out in Blues cans…… The music is amazing.


Coming into Padron, the stop for the day, the pilgrims learn this is WytSunday….and as such there s a market…..think really, really big market. Being a holiday today, and tomorrow….This is probably one of the more significant holidays during the year. 

This day there is a market. The likes of which I have never seen. AT first there were trinkets, moving into cheep clothing, then foods, and finally quality fashions. It’s easy to walk though this gauntlet…..but I am tempted….really tempted.

Being a holiday Rooms are hard to find. As I am so early getting a bed is a major quest. I decide to stay in the Municipal Albergue. Lower end accommodations, but still sufficient to sustain Pilrim life.

Everything is closed today except for a couple of bars.


I am able to grab a basic lunch….not my favourite….but when starving…any port will do. (Mixed metaphor for sure)

Let’s see if I can get this Internet to respond.