About & Thanks

Born: February 1952
City: Hamilton, Ontario

….just thinking, it’s probably not a great idea to list lots of personal details on the web….

I do however owe an enormous debt to so many people making this Camino possible.

I need to thank my parents for who I am……warts and all, it’s just who I am. They both know better than anyone why I have to, and will walk the Camino. (and no, I don’t have any warts) I know my Father wishes he could walk even a portion of the Way, but this is not practical. You will be walking with me, every step of the way, in every sense. My to my Mother, I thank you for all your support and love. This walk is equally for you.

Kauna and Tomas…are I love you both, more than you can understand. I am so proud to be your father.

Margaret…..simply put, without your inspiration and generosity I would not have ever known or committed to this.

Thanks Matt and all the really great people I work with….allowing me a leave of absence making this Camino possible.

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