What this is all about

Every time I make the personal commitment to get back to walking a Camino I have a loose idea of why I am doing this. The real truth is I don’t really know. I need to….there is an inner driving force necessitating this….I’ve just got to go.

Of course there is always the inconvenience of reality flapping around in the background. You know, I’ve got to work, people depend on me, I will be missing….All valid, but none the less I have to put myself ahead of most of these demands. It’s not a bad thing….but it can make it difficult to actually make the commitment.

In the time since my last Camino I have had astounding changes in my life….some profoundly negative, some amazing, bringing me a lot of happiness. This upcoming period of time should bring a lot of clarity.

There are many factors at play in this next part. I may, when I reach Santiago travel to Paris. This is far from being a given, and you’ll have to wait to find out if this happens.

One other piece of serendipity…. Susan Lawrence contacted me. Susan was an amazing person I was fortunate enough to meet on my first Camino, first day into the walk. We actually finished together with Bene…and Eddie (at least in spirit) so it turns out Susan is walking another route in England at the same time…..is this weird or what?

48 hours to go…..Portugal looks like it is burning up. Current temperature is 29c….that’s about a million degrees in Fahrenheit……