Day 33 – The Setup

All night the rain and wind pounded our little corner of Spain relentlessly. I woke several times to the sound despite the stone walls being a foot thick. (30 cm) When we got up in the morning our clothes were still as wet as they were when we came in the previous day. Oddly though, my rain gear was completely dry.
Breakfast was back in the same room as our dinner. Toast, cafe con leche, juice, and a small piece of cake; pretty typical. Then it was back to the room, pack up, fill my water system and get ourselves back to the path. Maria, Sean and Eena are all heading out at the same time as well. For Maria and Sean today is their day to enter Santiago. We will be seeing them again for dinner on Wednesday night, and as it turns out multiple times today.
The rain has just about stopped. A fine drizzle at best and the forecast is for rain all day, so we put on our dry rain covers.
After several hours of pleasant walking without real rain we decide to stop at a bar for hot chocolate and a bathroom break. I took my pack off and stood it up against the radiator under a window. I went up to the bar and gave the man my order. When I came back it was obviously my water system had been leaking.
The drinking hose has a mouthpiece that had been pinched under the pack when I put it down. Normally by pitching the mouthpiece the water is released….and so it had; a lot. I moved my considerably lighter pack outside and told the man behind the counter there was a water spill. (There was a lot of motioning and the word ‘aqua’ used in the explanation) My carelessness required his retrieving the mop, then drying the floor with news paper. A 5 minute ordeal for the poor guy. I would discover later my entire 2 litre water system had emptied onto the floor.
I paid for my drink, provided a very substantial tip, and we were on our way once again.
Bene received an email from Eddie. He said everything is going well in Berlin and he is heading down to his home town today. His plan is to visit his Mother’s grave on the 23rd, coordinating with our arrival in Santiago. We are thrilled for our dear friend. This will add another level of significance to our arrival and visit to the Cathedral In Santiago.
Our goal today was to walk just short of Santiago. When we stopped for lunch Susan made reservations by phone at a place within 8 km of Santiago.
During our lunch break a heavy rain fell. People headed out while we enjoyed our lunch, and as we were getting ready to go the rain stopped.
After filling my water system (again) and suiting up, we headed out the door for the final push of the day.
More small hills and passing by the Santiago International Airport we finally came to our days end. It was 3 o’clock and according to my Fitbit pedometer we had walked 22 km today.
I put my pack down and after a minute or so discovered I had pinned the mouthpiece under the pack again…..yup. I had only lost 1 litre of watering the floor this time. Still, what a mess.
After showers and hanging all our our wet things Susan and I head to the restaurant for octopus and potato croquettes. Bene was wanting to nap and wasn’t at all hungry. Our server is  Spanish gentleman who speaks English fluently, with a distinct English accent. (Jose) He tells us he can drive to the Cathedral in 7 minutes, but the walk is roughly two hours.
Set your alarm clocks….we plan to be walking into the square front of the Cathedral at 11 am. (Santiago time) There is a webcam on the square so you can see us if you are awake.
Come to think of it, most people are reading this blog get up after this time so we’ve probably already made it to Santiago……..

I’m definitely feeling mixed emotions. I am delighted to be on the outskirts of Santiago, at least one of the objectives of the past month and a bit…. On the other hand it is difficult to accept this will be the end of being with my Family, and our shared experiences. Both extremely precious. Intellectually I understand this can’t go on for ever. This rationalization isn’t making it any easier.

13 thoughts on “Day 33 – The Setup

  1. It is 4;26 a.m. TDot time …and if “lucky” I have multiple grainy pictures of everyone outside in the rainy pazo ….no black underwear in sight…. but lots of pics of packs and ponchos!!
    OH! And hugging! Cyber hugs to all you wet,dirty,magnificent Pilgrims!!

  2. Good Morning Cam; For the first night slept thru to 4:48. I got up immediately and searched out the Webcan on my computer. It is hard to know if I missed you. there was a big group with pin and yellow umbrellas and a group near by where a tall man kept going to the middle by himself and stopping to look to the webcam I watched till 11:00 our time. Whether I saw you or not I rejoiced and was filled with pride and love for you. Congratulations. I’m grateful as well to all the friends you made along the way and I’m sure you will all have a lasting friendship.

    I look forwardto seeing you hopefully on Friday when you are home and I’ll look for a wrap on from this special day.. Lots of love, Mom.

  3. Ok so…. At 4:35 back in bed, I realized that 11 am pilgrim time is actually 5 am! So I fired everything back up and to my dismay, they replaced the Plaza with a webcam from Venice!!! Or at least by the amount of water it must have been some watery canal. Despite my error, I managed to see some more Pilgrims Prancing across the Plaza and tried to preserve some more horrible quality images….success! I will post to your Facebook page later….after I am awake fer reals….:)

  4. Thanks Nancy, I thought I had missed it because you told me 4:00 a.m. as well. Cam you had better come home soon, we can’t seem to organize ourselves????? Love again, Mom.

  5. Congratulations Cam. Did you get to see the big smokey pot swing? I’m going to bug you to nail down a lunch after you come back. See you soon!


  6. Hej Camden
    Here is the link to the smokey swinning pot It costs 300€ to make them do it. Hope to meet you to night or in the airport tomorrow Jytte and Ebbe

    • Thanks Howard….
      We walked with many Kiwi’s…I kept asking but none of them seemed to know you or Kim.(?)
      Be well and I hope the spring and summer are good to you!
      As Always….. Cam’.

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