What I’m Packin’

Weight is everything as I mentioned before. There is a general guideline many people recommend suggesting you should carry only 10% of your body weight. I think I got the weight right on with the following packing list:

Pack (yup, the wonderful ZPacks little gem)

2 Carbon fibre walking sticks (extendable)

2 pair Columbia convertible pants. (they’re both the same colour)

Merino wool leggings (these used to be called long underwear…. not fashionable but very functional)

Pullover (thin)

Merino wool jacket ( definitely warmer than the pullover)

Synthetic short sleeve tee-shirt

Synthetic long-sleeve tee-shirt

3 Pairs of underwear

3 Pairs of merino wool socks (I will definitely get the socks Linda recommends)

Solomon hiking boots

Crocks (something to walk in when i’m not in the boots….recovery shoes?)

Rain poncho

Rain pants

Wide brim hat

Flashlight x2

Pocket knife (cork screw & scissors included)

Bar of Ivory Soap (for washing, shampooing, shaving, and clothes washing)

Small microfibre towel (x2)

Razor and 4 extra blades (I still can‘t grow a beard if I tried)

Small first aid kit (thanks Alex)

Day pack (when I don’need my full pack)

Silk/cotton sleeping bag liner

Platypus water carrier

Android tablet and charger

iPhone (I plan to get a Spanish SIM card and phone/data plan)


Waterproof camera and charger (thanks Nancy)

Total Weight: 15 lbs ( including pack, but no water)

And if you believe I weight 150 lbs………..

4 thoughts on “What I’m Packin’

  1. Great packing job! Ukulele most important. With your talent, that thing is your ticket to finding friends, fire and food; in other words, all you will need. Soap? I don’t remember you using any last time:)

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