My Camino Stories

I appreciate your interest in my Camino stories. I have kept a day-by-day account explaining the experiences, toils and tribulations, happy times, even those days that are not so.

By selecting the appropriate menu above  (CamCamino 2013, 2017 or 2019) you can then select an individual day. The numbers in the titles refer to the actual day walking.

Stay well, and thank you for following me on The Way.

As Always….. Cam’.

25 thoughts on “My Camino Stories

  1. Hi Cam; I’m back to worrying about you. Love your blogs. I went back to 2013 and found that you are just a day behind the last walk. Nancy and Carol get home to-morrow, they seemed to be having a great time and time and that there are other mountains than in New Zealand that are just as beautiful.

    I hope your hip and knees are strengthening, too bad you’re not walking with someone to give you a good massage. My book is still selling well and I’m trying to get a few more people signing into Amazon and writing a short message about my book. As of this morning our hot spell is over. It’s been a late summer. Haven’t heard from Kauna and Tomas is getting ready for Japan. Cam did say that Kauna was entertaining a boy friend the other evening..that’s all I know. Stay tuned and Listen to your body and take it easy, I love you, Mom

  2. Hi Cam,I tried replying to another post but I’m not sure it was working. First of all, I’m going to go and ring your doorbell as that’s hilarious. Talk about a connected world when your doorbell sets off your phone in Spain. Sounds like your legs and feet are suffering, which is one of the MANY reasons I would not do what you are doing. I’d love to visit all the places you’ve talked about, but I’m picturing a convertible or perhaps a dirt bike… and lovely hotel rooms. Anyway, keep popping that ibuprofen and keep on trekking. You can do it!

  3. Well look at me look at you look at me! I found the comments section again:) I am all caught up on your blergggs now and I will say that I stand corrected because if I were a bettin’ girl, I would have thought you home by now booking your new knee/hip surgery! Good for you…keep going! Busses are legal and especially if you are not in pretty landscape territory. Why waste your lovely gams on city streets I axe? Rock on bro’…and listen to your Mama!!

  4. … I see the direct conduit is up a running … helps if you adjust your focus and scan. I’m right behind you ‘Cam, only 6k km away.

  5. OK …so mathematically speaking 1) you have one (two?) hip, two knees, two ankles,and one back out of whack. 2) You are not quite at the halfway mark.
    Subtract these from what you have and tha leaves two hands, two arms, a neck, and a head….
    My math has you completeing the Camino walking in on your hands- or using your head and taking the B U S !! Does Spain actually have that much ibuprofen? Plod on MacDuff…..

  6. Uh Oh… there is a horse coming in to this story line…. nothing good ever comes from these “steeds from hell” Brother. Say a prayer and hop on a bus:)

  7. Don’t be naive big brother. Sixty kilometers is nothing and covered in a heartbeat if you are a fire with a wind- so if the wind is behind you…keep an eye out….literally speaking. Buen Laundry!

  8. Zoinks! I checked the webcam and you better pick your spot carefully! The duration on the main square is a bout a nanosecond so if you intend to lie down in the square, be prepared to take a nap ‘cuz it takes a long time for that cam to swing around…Your alternatives may be to hang on the scaffolding or sit in the wall where people are eneyeringnin thru the stone gate. Just sayin’…. Two days to go!! Wheeeeeee

  9. And that- is that ,as they say. Time to come home…which is usually the hardest part. The easiest way to return is to begin planning the next adventure asap. Where next Mister Blogster?

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